Rs.160 mn for fertilizer subsidy in Gampaha

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By L.W. Ariyaratne   

Some Rs.160 million has been allocated to the Gampaha District to provide a fertilizer subsidy for 2018/19 Maha Season, National Fertilizer Secretariat Assistant Director Nimal Dharmakeerthi said at the Gampaha District Agriculture committee meeting.   

“Under this scheme, 11,513 hectares of paddy lands will be cultivated while 2,854 metric tons of fertilizer will be made available to the farmers,” he said.   

He said under the fertilizer subsidy programme the farmers, who are members of Farmer Organizations and owning not more than two hectares of land and using organic fertilizer, and irrigated by major/ minor/ irrigation tanks or by rainwater were eligible for the subsidy.   

These farmers will be issued with 50-kilo bags of fertilizer at Rs.500 each.   

“The total acreage of land in the Gampaha District which can be used for paddy cultivation is 17,068 hectares. As per the statistics available at the Gampaha Agrarian Development Department, 9,777 metric tons of paddy harvest had been recorded for the 2013/14 Maha season paddy cultivation and in 2017/18 10895 Metric Tons of paddy harvest had been recorded indicating a progress.   

“During the 2018/19 Maha season, the target for paddy cultivation is 11,513 hectares. Out of which, 1695 hectares would be irrigated by major irrigation projects, while 3483 hectares would come under minor irrigation activities and the rest 6,335 hectares would be irrigated from the rainwater,” he said.   

Mr Dharmakeerthi said that under the subsidy scheme, during the 2018/19 Maha season, urea and other types of fertilizer would be made available to the farmers of the Gampaha District the cost of which was estimated at Rs 160 million.   

He said that with the aim of achieving the targets for a bountiful harvest a preliminary programme of preparation would be launched.   

Two weeks prior to the commencement of the Maha season all arrangements in procuring the fertilizer and distributing it among the Agrarian Services Centres, and educating the local Agrarian Services Officials and other relevant officers are to be undertaken, with the view of an efficient manner in the process of fertilizer distribution.   

“In addition, the issues that surfaced during the 2018 Yala season will be identified with the assistance of the field officers and steps taken to restore normalcy. The main thrust of this action plan is to ensure that the farmers receive their quota of fertilizer well in time,” he said.   


Under this scheme, 11,513 hectares of paddy lands will be cultivated while 2,854 metric tons of fertilizer will be made available to the farmers

-Nimal Dharmakeerthi