Insecurity leads to blatant external interference: Tamara

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By Ajith Siriwardana 

Former Sri Lankan Ambassador to the UN Tamara Kulanayagam said yesterday the climate of insecurity being created artificially by defeated politicians to provoke violence in the country would lead to blatant external interference in what is a domestic political process, an act that is inadmissible to a sovereign and independent state.   

She told a news conference that special meeting between the ousted Prime Minister and a selected group of mostly Western envoys was unacceptable and defied a decision by the President.   
“ It is unprecedented that the day after the President removed him and a new Prime Minister was sworn in, foreign envoys took a collective decision to meet formally and jointly with an ousted Prime Minister in an Office that was no longer his,” she said. “If an explanation were sought, the normal channel of communication would have been the Foreign Secretary. Had circumstances warranted a meeting at a higher level, they had the choice between the President and the new Prime Minister. Instead, they met with an ousted Prime Minister and together retained a common narrative of events, which they then repeated in a coordinated manner in statements, including joint statements, made by their governments, their allies, international institutions they control, their NGOs, and globally relayed via their mainstream media,” she added.   

She said within the context of the coercive Human Rights Council resolution hanging above our heads as a Damocles sword, it was scandalous to present what was essentially an economic, social and political crisis as an anti-democratic coup with the sole objective of internationalizing what was a multiple, internal crisis.   

She said the West was silent when Germany was unable to form a government for 5 months, when Belgium had no government for almost 2 years), and Northern Ireland was without government for even longer.   

“What is the explanation for the West’s silence on the Central Bank-Perpetual Treasuries bond scams under Ranil Wickramasinghe’s Premiership when he was Minister in charge of the Central Bank and for which his close ally, Central Bank Governor Arjuna Mahendran, has been held responsible and is evading arrest? The bond scams have been described as the biggest ever corruption scandal and biggest-ever cover-up in the history of Sri Lanka,” she said.