Mirth at wedding as dowry requested in dollars

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01By P.M. Rajapakse   

A wedding ceremony was held on a grand scale in a reception hall in the upcountry area. This was after a marriage proposal was published in a newspaper by the groom’s side and the task of finding a suitable match was assigned to an experienced match maker.  


Although, many proposals had been brought by the match maker in question, a proposal brought of a bride living in the Western Province was accepted. The bride’s family had resided in the upcountry for some time and then gone abroad before returning to settle down in the Western Province. The bride-to-be was an employee of a foreign multi-national company.   

When the time came to discuss the dowry, e.g money and material to be exchanged, the matchmaker’s antics had been a headache to both sides and they were happy when the process was finally concluded.

Several months went by and the day of the wedding dawned. The money and the material to be given as the dowry was being exchanged as was the custom at the end of the ceremony when a loud voice was heard by all those present inside the hall complaining about the dowry that was paid. It was someone from the groom’s

who said loudly, “You have not paid us what we were promised. You promised us the dowry in dollars. But you have paid us in rupees.You should not try to hoodwink us in this way because we hail from a respectable upcountry family. You have to fulfill your promises.”   

Those present were heard mumbling about how what the speaker said was right as the appreciation of the dollar against the rupee meant that everyone wants to be paid in dollars now and not in the local currency.