image tarnished by false news

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CPC shooting: 


LATE-CITY-DM-1-9By Chaturanga Samarawickrama   

While saying that he was aware of the incident that occurred at the fourth floor of the CEYPETCO House on October 28, former Petroleum Minister Arjuna Ranatunga claimed that spreading of false news relating to the incident had tarnished his and his family’s image.

After showing CCTV footage at a media briefing in Colombo yesterday he said the people who were involved in the incident were roaming free and the person who tried to save his life was imprisoned.   
“Kulatissa Deeganage, a member of the Colombo Municipal Council had made statements to the media that I had assaulted him and ordered my MSD security guard to shoot at him”   

“Even Bandula Saman Kumara, who claimed to be the Union Leader of the CPC had said the same,” the former Minister said.   

While displaying a CCTV footage, the former Minister explained what had happened at the CEYPETCO house.   “I arrived in the country from London on October 28 morning and I had left my keys to the official residence as a practice at the Petroleum Ministry office at the fourth floor. During my visit the government had changed and I did not go to my ministry to get my keys to take out my personal belongings from my official residence. There I had informed my additional secretary and waited until he arrived,” Minister said.   

He alleged that a mob led by Kulatissa Deeganage had entered the CEYPETCO building which the Minister claimed was a high-security area. He said the mob entered the lobby where he waited until his Additional Secretary arrived.   
“They had an argument with me and started abusing me in filth. When he tried to assault me, my security personnel and MSD men removed him from the lobby area. At the time Kulatissa Deeganage was under the influence of liquor.   
Then my security staff sent me to the Communication and Marketing Service room for safety.   

“After 15 to 20 minutes Kulatissa Deeganage entered the lobby with a group of people with poles, metal bars, cricket bats and bicycle chains. The mob tried to enter the room where I was and assaulted MSD officers trying to enter the room.   

“One of my MSD officers was beaten severely and he used his gun to disperse the mob and stop beating him. He opened fire. I heard the sounds of gunshots.   

Ranatunga said that he saw the mob fleeing the scene.  “Unfortunately one person was killed and another injured,” he said.   “After the incident, Kulatissa Deeganage had told several media that I told my MSD officials to shoot. At that time the mob held me hostage in the room for over three hours until the STF succeeded in removing me to safety.   

“I gave no such order and I was not in a position to do so as I was locked inside the Communication and Marketing Service Room. Another media report was spreading claiming that I had assaulted the Colombo Municipal Councillor,” he said.   

“I am saddened that the MSD man who saved my life is in prison while the rioting mob is roaming freely,” he said.   

“While releasing the CCTV footage I request the media to help recover the damages done to my image and to my family.   

During the incident, one pearson had lost his life and I wish to convey my deepest condolences to the bereaved family,” he said.   

The Minister further said the intention of the mob was to kill him.   

“Had it not been for the intervention of my MSD officer, the mob would have killed me. Those who organised this incident and incited the workers should take full responsibility for the tragic loss of life and damage to the Government property,” he said.