Vegan High Tea

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The venue was the ever so romantic Terrace at the Mt Lavinia Hotel where the Hotel had organised the vegan high tea, mainly to celebrate World Vegan Day. Mr. Cassim, the Hotel’s General Manager who is always full of creative ideas and promotes them, along with Chef Ralph, had curated a very interesting and delicious high tea. The menu consisted of seven each of sweet and savoury items. Fried cauliflower with Hoi Sin sesame sauce, lavariya filled with devilled mushrooms, mini pol roti stuffed with hummus, walnut and date scones with coconut cream and strawberry jam, watermelon Aga Agar and lemon drizzle were some of the favourites served at the high tea. Many people from all walks of life have chosen a vegan lifestyle. It is a choice to avoid everything made with animal products. 

If you are suffering from chronic health issues and looking for a way to feel healthier and stronger become vegan is what is spouted by vegans. Many who have studied and know the truth about businesses like commercial leather producers, factory farms, and other industries founded on the use of animals and who want to make a difference may want to explore the vegan lifestyle and the benefits and peace of mind it can offer. Many people think being vegan is strict and limiting, but this is a matter of perspective. There are many important physical and philosophical reasons to adopt a vegan lifestyle.

Being Vegan in Sri Lanka is not difficult with the abundance of its fresh vegetables and fruits and varieties of rice and grains. Many vouch that their health and well-being have changed after becoming vegan. A vegan diet is richer in many nutrients, and it can help one to lose weight, lower sugar levels and improves kidney functions. It is also supposed to protect against many cancer related illnesses, lowers heart disease and helps with joint pains. 
Hearing all of this, it is quite tempting to become a vegan. Sampling the delicious high tea produced at the Mt. Lavinia hotel certainly was a great eye opener since all of us enjoyed the delicious array of vegan food served.


Being Vegan in Sri Lanka is not difficult with the abundance of its fresh vegetables and fruits and varieties of rice and grains.