Hirunika: parties including TNA to form broad alliance

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Requests ‘genuine’ SLFPers to join them


Untitled-12By Yohan Perera  

Former UNP MP Hirunika Premachandra yesterday said that her party and several other parties including the TNA had decided to form a broad alliance against unconstitutional governance in the country.  

Ms. Premachandra told a media briefing that members of any other party, especially those in the SLFP who does not want to associate with the SLPP, are welcome to join this alliance.  

“This new alliance is not led by Ranil Wickremesinghe. There are no leaders in this alliance. We are a collection of political parties and other organizations with a common objective of defeating unconstitutional actions. We also don’t go by the elephant symbols,” she said. 

“Our theme is ‘Ranil President and Sajith Prime Minister.’ Therefore our prime ministerial candidate would be Mr. Sajith Premadasa,” she added.  

Ms. Premachandra invited SLFPers including Minister Duminda Dissanayake to join the UNF led alliance. She said genuine SLFPers cannot obtain the membership of the SLPP. “Traditional and genuine SLFPers cannot team up with the SLPP which has been formed to make former President Mahinda Rajapaksa’s son Namal Rajapaksa the president of this country. I don’t blame Mr. Rajapaksa for destroying the SLFP. This was the work of President Maithripala Sirisena. It was President Sirisena who teamed up with Mr. Rajapaksa in 2015 by giving him the ticket to contest the last general election amidst our warning. We told Mr. Sirisena not to give Mr. Rajapaksa the ticket to contest the 2015 elections and he did not listen to us. The SLFP has been destroyed as a result of it,” Ms. Premachandra said.