Silver Bells A Christmas Music Extravaganza

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Untitled-1Starting off Christmas season festivities in grand style, Silver Bells – A Christmas Music Extravaganza will be celebrating its 30th anniversary this year! A veteran in Sri Lankan theatre, Mr. Jith Pieris initially started this show in the hope of spreading the Christmas spirit amongst those of all religions and ethnicities. I had the opportunity to interview Jith a few days ago and he explained his views on why he introduced this show of instrumentals and Christmas music, and why it has continued for 30 long years. 

The Inception

“Well, it simply came into being” explained Jith, when asked how this Christmas show originated. “I was heavily involved in theatre back then, when someone suggested that I do something in celebration of Christmas. Thus, I put together choirs of different schools and a number of individual singers to have a Christmas music festival and gather people together to embrace the joy and spirit of Christmas.”

The most wonderful time of the year

Untitled-6Being a devout Christian, this is Jith’s way of expressing his love and service to his fellow men by spreading and sharing the joy of this festive season with everyone. “This is my favourite time of the year as it celebrates the birth of Christ and I am elated to be able to share the spirit of Christmas with whomever I can, through this show. I believe that a group of like minded people come together to celebrate this event along with me, and it isn’t constrained to Christians. Muslims, Hindus and people of all other religions are most welcome to come and enjoy this evening because the message of Christmas is that we have to be loving and celebrate the birth of our Saviour with everyone” Jith explained. He further went on to say that in an era where religion has become such a controversial issue amongst many, he hopes to show that people of all religions or ethnicities can put aside their differences and work together in peace and harmony. 

A million memorable experiences

Having done this for the past 30 years, it’s no surprise there are countless memories associated with such an event. It was a nostalgic moment for Jith as he recalled the many school choirs and people who had been part of it all over the years. “There was this one year, where I wanted this little girl to sing ‘White Christmas’ with a teddy bear and she ended up bringing an enormous, 5-foot tall teddy which she kept by her side as she sang!” said Jith. This show has been conducted across various exciting venues, including on the beach around a bonfire, and you could tell that Jith was full of pride and joy as he spoke of his successes.

Zero Challenges and Young Blood

When asked what barriers he faced in organising this event, he laughed and said “This has been such a lovely event to organise and I have no such barriers. Over the years it has been quite easy to coordinate and I’ve enjoy every moment of it, as does everyone who participates.”

He further went on to say that he’s always on the lookout for youth with new talent who are willing to perform, as it’s the perfect platform for them to showcase their talent.



I was heavily involved in theatre back then, when someone suggested that I do something in celebration of Christmas

 Jith Pieris


All in all, Silver bells – A Christmas Music Extravaganza is bound to be an incredible night filled with with love, joy and the most harmonious of melodies. It will be held on the 24th of November 2018 at the Lionel Wendt theatre. I urge you all to join with Jith and everyone participating, in the name of love and the Christmas spirit, as it’s the perfect start to this magnificent holiday season.