Jennifer Lopez earns $2 Million for 20 minute set

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Untitled-2She’s a multi-platinum selling artists who regularly performs for fans all over the world. Jennifer Lopez was paid a whopping $2 Million, plus another $1 Million for expenses, for a 20 minute set and a question-and-answer session at the opening of Doha Festival City Mall in Qatar.

According to TMZ JLo, 49, earned the eye-watering amount of money by talking with the eager crowd about women’s rights, before posing for photographs with her adoring fans.

And if a couple of million wasn’t enough, next week, the superstar is reportedly set to earn $1.2 Million for another 20-minute set. On invitations, Qatar Airways have named JLo as the headliner for their upcoming party at the Dolby Theatre in Los Angeles.

However, according to TMZ sources, the $1.2 mil fee is Qatar’s offer, but is still under negotiation, and as the airline may have lost its leverage by sending out invites, the amount could well increase.

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