Statement on the current political situation in Sri Lanka

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The Commonwealth Lawyers’ Association, Commonwealth Legal Education Association and Commonwealth Parliamentary Association recalling the statement issued by the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association on November 08 expressing its concern on the recent political developments in Sri Lanka, express their deep concern at the implications of the continuing political crisis for the rule of law in Sri Lanka.  

They call upon all parties to the present conflict, to observe scrupulously and in good faith the provisions of the Constitution relating to the respective roles of the Executive, the Parliament and the Judiciary, together with:  

  • The provisions of the Commonwealth Charter and the Commonwealth (Latimer House) Principles on the three branches of Government to which Sri Lanka, as a member of the Commonwealth and recent holder of the Chair-in-Office, is committed  
  • The references in the Charter to the responsibility of governments, political parties and civil society for   upholding and promoting democratic culture and practices and to the recognition of the importance of maintaining the integrity of the roles of the Legislature, Executive and Judiciary and  
  • The requirement in The Latimer House Principles, in the light of recent disruptions in the conduct of parliamentary business, that Parliamentarians must be able to carry out their legislative and constitutional functions in accordance with the Constitution and free from unlawful interference.  

Commonwealth Lawyers Association (CLA)  

Commonwealth Legal Education Association (CLEA)

Commonwealth Parliamentary Association (CPA)