Dying Rock Hudson’s ANONYMOUS letters

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Before his death, actor Rock Hudson sent his male lovers heartbreaking letters urging them to get tested after he was diagnosed with AIDS, a new book has revealed.  The 1950s heartthrob, who spent his entire life as a closeted gay man, sent messages to four lovers who he feared could have contracted the disease from him – but did so anonymously.  In letters published in author Mark Griffin's All That Heaven Allows: A Biography of Rock Hudson, the actor wrote: 'We have recently had sex together and I have been informed by my doctor that I may have AIDS. 'Please go to your doctor and have a check-up.'  One of the men realised it was Hudson and sold his story to a tabloid but it did not appear until 18 months after Hudson's death in 1985, making him the public face of the AIDS crisis and changing America's view of the disease.

According to the book, Hudson was so tormented by his diagnosis that he told a close friend that he felt 'so filthy' for being infected.  In his final months, he flew to Paris for treatment with an experimental drug called HPA-23, but his close friends said Hudson was in denial. They revealed he once snapped at them in frustration and fear saying: 'I don't have AIDS! If I'm dying it's from liver cancer."


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