Bangladeshi woman arrested with 32Kgs of heroin worth Rs.388mn

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Impulse-1-1By Darshana Sanjeewa

A 23-year old Bangladeshi woman had been arrested by the Police Anti-Narcotic Bureau (PNB) with 32Kgs of heroin in Ratmalana on Saturday, Police Spokesman SP Ruwan Gunasekera said.
He said that the haul had an estimated street value of around Rs.388 million.

He said initially the PNB officers had arrested the woman following a tip-off at a restaurant in Dehiwala at around 10.30 a.m. on Saturday.

“The Police recovered one kilo of heroin from the woman’s possession during the raid at the restaurant. Following the questioning, the PNB officers recovered another 31.3 kilos from a house at Delgahawatte in Ratmalana,” SP Gunasekera said.

He said the suspect woman had first arrived in the country in 2016 and she had four overseas travels since then.

SP Gunasekera said two suspects had also been arrested recently on possession with over one kilo of heroin while travelling in a three-wheeler. He said that it was revealed that it was the Bangladeshi woman who had given the narcotics to them as well.