I Will bring better living conditions :Premier

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  • proud about the Judiciary


Impulse-1-1By Yohan Perera  

UNP Leader Ranil Wickremesinghe who was sworn in as the Prime Minister pledged to bring in better living conditions to the people soon.

“The political crisis took place as we were making efforts to put the country’s economic conditions in place. However, we will work towards resuming the development process of the country which was a standstill,” Mr Wickremesinghe said addressing the nation from Temple Trees last afternoon.

“We are proud and happy about the way Parliament and the Judiciary worked towards ensuring democracy and rule of law in the country. The correct interpretation of the Constitution by these institutions ensured democracy,” he added.

He also thanked those who worked towards ensuring democratic rights of the people and protected it at the time of crisis.

Pic by Kushan Pathiraja