Field Force Hq OIC remanded for allegedly accepting bribe

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By T.Farook Thajudeen

Colombo Chief Magistrate Lanka Jayaratna yesterday remanded till January 2 the OIC of  the Police Field Force Headquarters for allegedly accepting a bribe of Rs 150,000 from an inspector of Police who had been interdicted, to provide a recommendation letter to reinstate the inspector. At the outset of the inquiry Counsel Srilal Dandeniya making submissions on behalf of the suspect OIC submitted that issuing recommendation letters to a person who was under interdiction was not within the authority of the OIC.  

He also said the interdicted IP is a person with a history of bad remarks. The counsel said the complainant was in bad books in the Police Department and had been charged in courts for corrupt and dishonest behaviour and dealings.   The Counsel also contended that the Complainant had taken money from the suspect OIC by giving promissory notes and they could produce them in court during the inquiry. Therefore the counsel said the complainant had fabricated the story with ulterior motives.  

The Magistrate ordered Bribery Officer to conduct impartial inquiry over the counsel’s submissions and to file the report in court on the next date of hearing.