High Tea

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Koluu, Dulanjalee & Lou Ching 


LATE-CITY--MB_1-2It was on a brighter day, when the political situation had got a bit more cheerful, that petit papillon, Harshini, hosted a High Tea at the Colombo Hilton. Harshini, quite the society lady of Colombo, had invited over a hundred guests for the tea bash, mostly women, with an exception of a few men.  Lou Ching, Reza, Jith, Gerald and I were amongst the chosen few. Lou Ching and I walked in accompanying Dulanjalee, who is always great fun to meet, and we made ourselves comfortable seated with Illika and Lalitha.  Everybody was enjoying the wide variety of food, and Lou Ching and I selected a few and enjoyed ourselves having a good laugh with the ladies.

Illika and I, always have lots of fun when we meet, observed how well dressed most of the people were, clad in clothing that suited them.  We did see some strange fashions though and also noticed a guest sporting a very short garment with legs full of cellulite. We assumed that she was off to the gym to exercise or play netball after the tea.

Harshini, as Lou Ching remarked, has such a neat figure that he was thinking of designing an outfit to complement her shapely body.  Clad in a lilac outfit, Harshini had blown dried her hair Farrah Fawcett Majors style. As is usual, Harshini fussed around her guests plying them with drinks. Chocolates as well as a beautifully wrapped delicious Christmas cake were also aplenty.

It was pleasant to attend a large social gathering after a long time and catchup with lots of known people. Harshini’s charming husband Dave also was at the tea seeing to all the details. It definitely was a very pleasant afternoon, especially with the company around me.

Wish you readers a very merry and Happy Christmas.  Whilst enjoying and feasting remember the less fortunate and lend a helping hand any which way you can.



Whilst enjoying and feasting remember the less fortunate and lend a helping hand any which way you can