Untreated waste water Canals diverted to Negombo lagoon pose serious threat to human beings and pollutes environment

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  • The foul smell that emanates from these canals is so unbearable
  • The residents fear that the entire area becoming vulnerable to various types of sicknesses



 Text & Pics By P. H. P Perera 

Untreated waste water released to the canals leading to the Negombo lagoon is slowly but surely burning a path of environmental destruction that will soon over take the lagoon.   

Residents of Rajapaksapura, a village situated between the Katunayake Expressway and the Negombo lagoon speaking to the Daily Mirror complained about the environmentally hazardous acts taking place in the vicinity.   
The pollutant of canals falling to the Negombo lagoon, the narrowing of these lagoons and sometimes even the complete closure due to haphazard construction are just the tip of the environmentally destructive iceberg slowly but surely melting in the area.   

Untitled-8The foul smell that emanates from these canals is so unbearable, that the residents fear that the entire area becoming vulnerable to various types of sicknesses.   

Several residents, whose livelihood depends on inland fishing are on the verge of unemployment as polluted canals have only taken away what little they had. The waste water that is being released to these canals by the large number of factories located near the canals had been the cause for this large scale pollution.   

There is also ongoing filling up of some of these canals for building constructions which had proceeded without any hindrance and the narrowing up of some canals had obstructed the free flow of water in these canals. The water in blackish colour stagnant in these canals present an eye sore. The stench that is emanating is unbearable and the residents find it too difficult to stay at this place.   

Expressing her opinion Seeduwa- Katunayake Urban Council member Shama Hansamala said that, boundary canals of Mukalangamuwa west, Liyanagemulla flows through the Rajapakse Puraya and the water that is polluted and containing germs affect the plant life and human lives greatly. This issue had been the main topic for discussion at the regular council meetings but had failed to arrive at any favourable solution. A reputed hotel in the area had completely filled up a canal that flows through the Rajapaksepura, and more than 9 acres of land in Hiripitiwala had been filled up thereby blocking the free flow of water to the lagoon. The canal reservation is more visible. She stressed that it was the responsibility of the officials to prevent the obstruction and encraochment of these canals as the stagnant water would pose severe health hazards in the near future.   

Untitled-8The Chairperson of Suhada Women’s Fisheries organization Violet Surangani Silva, said that the waste water of the entire Seeduwa town flows through these canals and the members of this organization are engaged in inland fish farming.The polluted water had flown into these farms and the fish fingerlings had been the first victims. Even some big fish had died of this polluted water containing germs. The members of this society had suffered losses owing to this fact. They had faced much economic losses due to this.   

A former UC member Nimal Silva speaking to the media said that the Rajapaksepuraya is a village of more than 100 acres in extent and there are 1800 houses constructed in this village. In the survey plans of this Fishery Village the canals that are marked are not in existence now. Either they had been narrowed and dangerously polluted. Due to these canals being either blocked or narrowed, during heavy rains the water that normally flows into the Negombo Canal inundates the Colombo- Negombo main road as the access to the canal is blocked. This has also led to adverse public opinion among the locals and the foreigners who travel to the Airport. A Motor vehicle repair yard, a Poultry yard and several other large industries release their waste water into the canals discreetly and aggravate the pollution. The people who wade through the stagnant water are subjected to various skin ailments as the water contains poisonous elements, and some have fallen sick of undiagnosed maladies. They fear that this would lead to destruction of lives and the presence of a social menace.   

Those responsible for this social menace had been holding out promises that the waste water would undergo a purifying process prior to the release are habitually engaged in acting in a discreet manner and releasing the waste water during night time without adhering to this requirement    


In the survey plans of this Fishery Village the canals that are marked are not in existence now. Either they had been narrowed and dangerously polluted