A mixed season

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 Untitled-9It undoubtedly was not the brightest of seasons owing to the end of October political issues that has dampened the mood of many since that day.  The crisis, which carried on till mid-December and sorted somewhat was a great relief, but the damage had been done. Many, locally as well as internationally, cancelled their plans and opted for the norm and proceeded to make simpler plans. The rising prices of food items etc., has also put a stop to a lot of frivolities enjoyed by all, other than for the well to do.

Sri Lankans by nature are quite docile and accept anything dished out to them and try to manage with what they have.  At this time of the year though many who had made family plans of enjoying themselves during the season had to set them aside.  Most businesses have also suffered a terrible season. On the brighter side, the credit card offers are quite maddening as almost everything is twenty-five to fifty percent off.  Never in the history of December have such offers sprung up and many have taken the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of the discounts normally so rare at this time of the year.

Decorations have sprung up in the city making it quite cheerful, many of the hotels have no choice but to decorate their establishments and seem to have reused all their old decorations due to budget restrictions; some hotels have put up some strange looking decorations too. The cost cutting was obvious but then again fairy lights when they flicker in the nights makes everything look cheerful as when night falls many sins are covered in the dark. 

LATE-CITY-MB_1-1It also was a bad season for those who generally upload photographs of themselves on social media on every occasion they dress up and attend a function, as due to the tough times most lavish soirees did not take place. Those who publicly announced the lighting of their Christmas trees were packed to the brim as it was an occasion to air out some of the outfits that had been purchased and a photo opportunity.

Trixie, always the optimistic, announced that we had faced more difficult times and got over them and, in this instance, we should ring in the New Year with great joy and hope that 2019 will be a brighter year.
A Happy New Year to all of you.