ACNU blows whistle on disposal of clinical waste at NH

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The All Ceylon Nurses’ Union has issued a press release highlighting the severe threat posed at the National Hospital over the disposal of clinical waste of the hospital. The matter which raised much hue and cry during the last October, was now becoming crucial with the dumping of the waste behind the Epileptic Ward.   

It is accepted that highly dangerous waste materials containing minor parts of human bodies, rolls of stained gauze, disposable gloves, used surgical blades, needles and syringes should never be stacked in places where there was  a large concentration of human beings resided. However despite the warning issued, it was apparent that authorities were not the least bothered about the serious health hazard that was being caused.   

The matter which drew the attention of many in the recent past continued without any preventive action being taken by the authorities concerned. The danger posed to the public was highlighted through mass media and by the All Ceylon Nurses’ Union. The response by the Minister of Health in that regard was limited only to issue  statements of allegations and accusations.   

With the political impasse that prevailed during two months, the issues confronting the health sector never came to the lime light. The issue of accumulation of clinical waste, the shortage of needles used at the Histology Unit investigations and the patients having to continue bearing the pain and suffering and the issues confronting the tender for the purchase of the DSA machine for the Laser treatment unit, never surfaced which led to the suffering of the innocent patients and inconveniencing the hospital staff to a greater extent.   

While the issues slowly raised their ugly head, the Dengue malady was also slowly but steadily spreading within the hospital environment. Presently three nursing officers had been warded for the treatment of Dengue, while several other employees too had been affected by the disease. The situation had posed severe threat to the health of the medical staff at the hospital. Despite the declaration of weeks for the wiping out the Dengue menace, with the participation of the hospital staff and the Minister too joining in a Sramadana campaign to wipe out the Dengue menace, it appeared that all had been now forgotten about the severe danger.However, the menace that had now affected the General Hospital, the foremost of the Country’s Health Services was now facing a serious threat which cannot be shrugged off as that of a trivial nature.   


  • With the political impasse that prevailed during two months, the issues confronting the health sector never came to the lime light
  • The response by the Minister of Health was to issue  statements of allegations and accusations

“Therefore we earnestly request the Minister of Health and other Health officials to focus their  attention towards the disposal of the clinical waste, shortage of urgent medical equipment and also speedy action to curb the spread of Dengue before it could become a national calamity,” Acting Chairman of the Union H.M.S.B Madiwatte said.