Kawdana-Attidiya Road remains neglected for 30 years

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Road project initiated by late minister C.V Guneratne 






By H.M.Dharmapala and Kusal Chamath  

Residents of the area and the drivers expressed concern about the messy and dilapidated state of the Kawdana –Attdiya Road from the Ratnasiri Fonseka Road Junction to the Pokuna Road Junction  turned into a muddy pool during the recent rains.The  Kawdana –Attidiya Road that runs through a densely populated area is used during peak hours as a by-pass road from the Galle Road to Attidya to avoid the traffic congestion.  
 They pointed out that storm water that was collected during the rains  remained stagnant for weeks, much to the inconvenience of the drivers and the pedestrians using that road. They said the failure to complete the road development project that had been dragging on for more than 30 years had turned the road into an eyesore with piles of construction material and earth dug up during excavations had been left haphazardly along the road.   
They said the contractors of the project kept changing under the successive governments and the change of ministers too had resulted in a colossal waste of public funds.  

A trishaw driver Ajith Prasanna of Kawdana said the project had been held up for about thirty years and that it resulted in obstructing the storm water drains and prevented the construction of the sewers.  

“I was just a little boy when the project was launched.. A board indicating the details of the project had been put up at the turn off at the Galle Road, but it is no more. However project was stalled after widening and laying the bitumen carpet in half a kilometre stretch of the road and  excavations at several locations were done. Construction works of the storm water drainage system was neglected. The project was abandoned under the false pretext of obstructions to land acquisition for which the land owners were held responsible. Vehicles run zig -zag to avoid ruts, pitfalls, and muddy pools and quite often meet with accidents. We have been facing hardship for more than 30 years. Our representations in this regard to the authorities of successive governments fell on the deaf ear. The Attidiya- Kawdana Road running through an area of thick population is the shortest access road from Attidiya to the Galle Road at Dehiwala . Our vehicles develop constant technical defects and breakdowns due to the dilapidated state of the road. I have to replace the broken spring blades quite often. The road from Pallidora junction to Ambakotuwa junction is not in a condition for vehicles to travel. We are compelled to refuse the hires we get on this road to avoid damage to the vehicles” he lamented.   

A resident of the area Smantha Kosta (45) said the road was below the level of the storm water drains and it resulted in flooding the road even during a slight shower and traffic on the road would come to a standstill.    
 “As I remember the project costing Rs.450 million was initiated by late minister C.V.Gunaratne who represented the area about 30 years ago. It is sad that the successive governments since then have failed to complete the project. it is with great difficulty that the pedestrians escape accidents when vehicles run zig zag to avoid ruts and pitfalls. In fact a formal investigation of this colossal waste of funds should be held” he said  

Residents of the area requested as their last resort to the Ministry of Western Development and Mega Polis to pay attention on irregularities in the project and take steps to complete without further delay.