Maintenance of Elevators are the responsibility of the company which installed them: municipal Commissioner

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LATE-CITY-DM-18-220By Indika Sri Aravinda 

The Colombo Municipality could not take responsibility for mishaps related to elevators as it did not come under their purview, Colombo Commissioner V.K.A Anura said.   

The statement was in response to a question posed by the Daily Mirror as to what responsibility the municipality held in ensuring standards were met in the installations of these machines, following the tragic incident in December in which a collapsed elevator killed one and injured two others.   

“We take responsibility for the construction of buildings in the city, but this does not include the elevators, they are the responsibility of the companies that install them,” Anura stated adding that such areas of expertise did not come under the purview of the municipality and there was not monitored.   

The Daily Mirror also questioned as to what measures were taken by the municipality to ensure relevant standards were met in construction of buildings within the city after a wedding hall in Wellawatta and another building in Pettah collapsed in May 2017 and February 2018, respectively.   

“We began to monitor construction within the city closely after the incidents. We have set up a system in which we routinely check the progress of the constructions. We approve construction of new floors when the previous floor is complete. We have no authority over the elevators that are installed in these buildings,” he said.