Panadura railway bridge in a dilapidated state

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Pedestrian passage alongside



By Kusal Chamath   

Residents of MoratuModara and Panadura areas expressed concern about neglecting repairs to the pedestrian passage alongside the Panadura railway bridge which had been used by tens of thousands of people for several decades as the closest road access between the two areas. 

They pointed out that the pedestrian passage was opened in the early 1970s on the request of the people by then Minister of Transport Lesley Gunawardene who represented the Panadura electorate.   

The fisher folk in the area said they had been using the pedestrian passage alongside the railway bridge for decades to make their way between Panadura and Moratu Modara .   

“Thousands of people including schoolchildren have to walk about one kilometre to the Galle road and from there a distance of about another kilometres to the Panadura town. If they used the pedestrian passage in the bridge, it was a distance of just half a kilometre between the two points. Our requests to the railway authorities have fallen on the deaf ear,” he said.   

Several parents said their  children had to make a long way along the Fishery Harbour road and the Galle road to attend schools in Panadura. They pointed out that children quite often walked along the railway line on bridge making it a short cut regardless of its danger.   

The residents of the two areas requested Minister of Transport to pay his attention on this basic facility on a humanitarian grounds.