Raising funds on a ‘Classical and Cool’ note

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Friends of Prisoners’ Children

Untitled-13  With a brand new year and a brand new chapter to be written, many of us may have dreams and goals to tick off in our bucket lists. But for some, they remain dreams that could never be achieved. Put behind bars for minor and major crimes done due to various reasons such as poverty, prisoners continue to be a neglected group from the rest of society. Adding to it is the worrying plight of their children, who also tend to be stigmatised and find it a challenge to continue their school lives. With that in mind, a group of generous souls thought of doing justice to their future. Headed by Sister Immaculate De Alwis of the Good Shepherd Sisters, Friends of Prisoners’ Children (FPC) came to being in July 2006. This association in turn was able to consolidate a programme that began in 2005 which aimed at giving scholarships to children of long-term prisoners. 

Untitled-14What began with 47 children has now expanded to a programme sponsoring close to 300 children and they continue to commit their time for the well-being of these children. The Association needs approximately Rs. 3.6 million to sponsor 300 children and it is usually done with the support of individual and corporate sponsors. As means of raising funds for this worthy initiative a fundraiser concert will be held next week. Aptly titled ‘Classical and Cool’ it certainly would be a musical treat for everybody with Menaka De Fonseka Sahabandu, Neomal De Alwis and Soundarie David Rodrigo doing their magic on piano while classical baritone Gehan Cooray and soprano Dinushka Jayawickreme will awe the crowd with their vocal talents. Gehan will sing a diverse selection of songs from Operatic Arias by Rossini, Gounod, Handel and classical art songs by Schubert and Tosti. In addition to that, he will also sing a host of songs from Broadway Musicals to Hollywood Films. Gehan’s diverse musical repertoire will be showcased as he’s ready to perform in Italian, French, Latin, English and Sinhala as well. On the other hand, Dinushka will concentrate on more operatic pieces and Broadway hits. 


At the Lionel Wendt on January 9 by 7.30pm

The children for this programme are selected through an application process conducted by the welfare officers at the Department of Prisons. Children from Grades six till 13 are selected and are invited for an annual programme conducted at the Welikada Prison. They participate at this event with their guardians and are registered with the National Savings Bank who provides them with a savings book from which they can draw Rs. 1000 per month from their nearest post office. The primary objective of this programme is to give dignity and self-respect to these children which in turn would help them avoid the cycle of criminality and become viable members of society. 
So, if you’re a music lover and would want to kick off the year on a musical note, take your seats at the Lionel Wendt on January 9 by 7.30pm and be a part of another exciting musical extravaganza.