22 civil society groups to team up with DNF

Published : 12:45 am  January 10, 2019 | No comments so far |  | 


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  • The National Movement for Social Justice founded  by Ven. Maduluwawe Sobitha Thera, is one of them


By Kelum Bandara

Representatives of civil society organisations are to be accommodated in the executive committee of the proposed UNP-led political alliance — the Democratic National Front (DNF).   

The political parties which have agreed to join the new alliance met representatives of civil society organisations on Monday.   

Informed sources said 22 such organisations were expected to team up with DNF. 

The National Movement for Social Justice, formerly headed by Ven. Maduluwave Sobitha Thera, was among them.  The constitution of the new alliance has been drafted and the DNF will be headed by a collegiate leadership.