DMT to launch E-motoring system from July

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Untitled-13By Chaturanga Samarawickrama   

The e-motoring system for the registration of vehicles through an online system would be implemented by the end of July, the Department of Motor Traffic (DMT) said. 

DMT Commissioner-General A.H.K. Jagath Chandrasiri said the e-motoring system would connect all stakeholders in the field including importers, sales centres and insurances around the country.   
“The new system will ease consumers to record all details in an electronic system relating to vehicles such as import details, registrations, transfers, licence renewals and all other important details,” he said.   
The Department had spoken about the e-motoring system since 2008, he said but by implementing this system, the DMT hopes to do vehicle registrations within a short period of time. So, the vehicle owners can come to the Department on their own and will able to do their vehicle registrations,” he said.   

Meanwhile, Information and Communication Technology Commissioner of DMT Susantha F. Suraweera said while implementing the e-motoring system, the DMT hopes to connect Vehicle import institutes, Leasing facilities providing institutes, other state institutions relating to the vehicle registrations, Sri Lanka Customs Department and Department of Import & Export Control through an electronic system via the internet.   

With the new system the vehicle owners’ would be able to monitor vehicle registration activities from home. Owners should come to the DMT only for scanning of initial documents and to take biometric details of the real owner to verify the real owner of the vehicle. Later they can upload other relevant details o the system from home via the internet,” he said.   

The developing stage of the e-motoring system’s software has already started, Mr. Suraweera said.   

A photo of vehicles’ chassis number would be entered to the new system as a photo image before releasing them from customs because the chassis number would be maintained as the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN). When releasing vehicles from the customs the VIN would be compulsory to be pasted on a side on the windscreen, Mr. Suraweera added.