Student killed by falling concrete post

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DM_20190111_A001-8By Kanchana Ariyadasa  

A 16-year-old student, of Budugehinna Central College in Galkiriyagama, was killed when a concrete post in the school ground crashed on to him on Wednesday evening.  

Investigations revealed that the student was injured when the concrete post at the school’s sports pavilion under construction, fell on the student while he was engaged in sports activities.  
Police said the Grade-11 student, Sashidu Krishan Karunathilake, a resident of Watagala, died after admission to the Galewela Hospital.  

Following the death of the student, a tense situation prevailed at the school yesterday when a group of parents urged the police to arrest the school principal over the tragedy.  
The protesting parents had reportedly held the school Principal captive in a room for nearly four hours.  

Amidst the protest, the Kekirawa Acting Magistrate who arrived at the school had conducted an examination on the scene.  

The new Governor of the North Central Province Sarath Ekanayake also arrived at the school to look into the incident.  

He had instructed that two investigations be conducted, one from the governor’s office and another from the Education ministry regarding the incident.  

He also said that an investigation should be conducted into the construction carried out at the school on the instructions of the school principal.  

The deputy principal informed the parents and students that the school will be closed for January 11.