It’s Festival Time

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Untitled-10 When I was young, January was generally referred to as ‘the bottle month,’ because everyone had splurged celebrating the season in December and now must collect the deposits they had paid for the bottles to survive.  

In Sri Lanka January is the time when the Colombo literati get excited about the Galle Literary Festival. Strange though, it has not been neither promoted nor splashed around on social media as in the past.  Probably it does not require that much publicity now since it has been established that the Galle Literary Festival venue is where one is expected to be seen and heard for five days in January. 

 Untitled-11All hotels, boutique hotels, budget hotels, apartments and B&Bs, which are aplenty now, must be filling up.

The Literary Festival, which has become more about authors and books, provides all sorts of entertainment opened to a wider audience. As Trixie remarked, “the Galle Literary Festival is like going to the Royal Thomian big match; all and sundry must be spotted there regardless of whether they have ever read a book leave alone a magazine.” It is a wonderful place to show off one’s outfits and parade around the streets in the Galle Fort where plenty of restaurants offer food and beverage. This annual literary festival has given Galle a good boost and an opportunity for all the vendors in the area to show off their goods and restaurants to show off their cuisine.  The buzz in Galle is a great atmosphere for everybody to enjoy. 

I asked an avid reader who she would recommend of all the guest authors and her picks were Rachel Johnson, Justine Picardie, Dina Jeffries, Tassie Seneviratne and Romesh Gunasekara. I am sure there are many more one can choose to see. 

It is certainly going to be a fun five days in Galle. Kudos to Geoffrey Dobbs and Fairway Holdings for keeping this fun filled festival going annually.



January is the time when the Colombo literati get excited about GLF