Forty tonnes of milk powder meant for animals released to market

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CAA raid nets main suspect in Kuliyapitiya


By Mahinda NIssanka   

The Consumer Affairs Authority(CAA) had uncovered a racket in which powdered milk that was meant for animals had been relabelled and sold to companies turning out yoghurt, ice cream and biscuits for human consumption.   The CAA said that this racket had come to light after the owner of a company manufacturing animal food was arrested in Kuliyapitiya on Saturday (12). After questioning the suspect it was learnt that while 160 metric tonnes of powdered milk meant for animals was confiscated by the authorities this racketeer had already released 40 metric tonnes into the market disguised as powdered milk fit for human consumption.   

The Authority said that a logo similar to that of a leading powdered milk company had been used on the packets to market the 200 tonnes of powdered milk which had a market value of Rs. 1 billion.   

This racketeer had allegedly closed down his animal food manufacturing company in Kuliyapitiya many years ago and he had obtained 720 metric tonnes of animal feed through a tender.  This racketeer had been taken into custody by the officers coming under the supervision of Consumer Authority Assistant Director N. Jasoor.