Pooja makes comeback to films

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Impulse--1-new-238 Dazzling film star Pooja Umashanker – the undisputed popular actress of our cinema who carved her way in through sheer talent, is making a comeback to Sinhala cinema after a two-year break.

After two big hits – ‘Paththini’ and ‘Sarigama’ in 2016, Pooja announced that she would take a break from film acting. 

Pooja who has since bagged the Most popular actress awards, said she has been offered two beautiful new films which she decided to accept.

“Acting in the two films this year would probably mean they would be released next year. Despite being out of films, I was continuously involved in a series of social service projects. 

I am also helping the ‘Prarthana’ commendable mission conceptualised by senior artiste Keerthi Pasqual. I think as artistes we are duty bound to serve the people of this country,”said Pooja.

Starting with her debut movie Anjalika, Pooja proved her prowess in several other hit movies, thus winning the hearts of Sri Lankan film audiences.