Karadiyana garbage dump Minister expresses his disapproval of the unbearable stench

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Text & Pics By Rekha Tharangani Fonseka   

Western Province Chief Minister Isura Devapriya who attended a ceremony on Thursday (10) to declare open ‘ Mihisara’ Information Centre blamed the officers concerned for the unbearable stench that emanated from the Karadiyana Garbage yard.   

He said, “the stench in Karadiyana is unbearable. If I can’t bear this stench, how can the people in this area bear it?”   

When there was an unbearable stench at the time of his arrival, he advised the officers to sprinkle chemicals to quell the stench and he said that there would not be such a stench if the officers concerned have performed their duties well. He added that he would not approve at all as a politician the inconvenience caused to the public in this way and also informed the Director of the Western Province Waste Management Authority, Nalin Manapperuma that he should carry out his duties with more attention.    According to the Chief Minister, it is of no use if the stench of the garbage dump is unbearable, whatever the project is being introduced, and he promised to provide financial assistance to quell the stench and create a healthy environment on behalf of the people.   

In the meantime, the Minister informed the officers to carry out their duties well in this regard.