Lady Gaga wins Best Actress

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Lady Gaga was overcome with emotion as she took to the stage for the second time



Life-1-13Lady Gaga was overcome with emotion as she took to the stage for the second time on Sunday to accept her second Critics’ Choice Award. The singer and actress tied with Glenn Close to take home the best actress award for A Star Is Born. Close, who won the award for her role in The Wife, made her speech and stayed on stage while Gaga’s name was read as the joint winner.

Gaga gave tearful speech dedicating her award ‘to all people who have suffered from alcoholism or addiction’. My mother and Glenn are good friends – I’m so very happy you won this evening,’ Gaga began.

‘I am so honoured by this. I went to places in my mind and my heart that I did not know existed. aga thanked her fiance Christian Carino, as she continued, ‘Thank you Christian, my love. Bradley, you are a magical film maker. And you are just as magical of a human being. I have never had an experience with a director or an actor like I had with you. You seamlessly were both the love of my life and the man behind the camera.’ As the music started playing to tell her she’d gone beyond her allotted time, Gaga quipped, ‘It’s okay I can still do this with a piano background,’ 

In her speech, Close, 71, said: ‘I am so thrilled a tie!…The world puts us against each other in this profession. And I know, from the other women in this category, we celebrate each other and we are proud to be in this room together.’

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