Rajitha threatens legal action against GMOA

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LATE-CITY-DM-4-7By Sandun A Jayasekera   

Health and Indigenous Medicine Minister Dr. Rajitha Senaratne said he would take strict legal and administrative action against Government Medical Officers Association (GMOA) as they had even involved President Maithripala Sirisena in their malicious, vituperative and acrimonious campaign against him.  



The GMOA’s claim that President Sirisena told them during a discussion he had with them that a Presidential Commission would be appointed to look into the activities of the Health Ministry was an absolute lie, Minister Senaratne said.   

Addressing a news briefing at Temple Trees yesterday, Minister Senaratne said that he had inquired form President Sirisena whether he was going to appoint a Presidential Commission to probe the activities at the Health Ministry and President Sirisena had replied one cannot appoint a commission to inquire into a government ministry but only to inquire into the activities of a government.    Minister Senaratne also said President Sirisena had never made any remark about a corrupt health minister at the meeting as claimed by the GMOA and added that even the President was irritated about the lies being spread by the GMOA.   

“This lies of the GMOA are aimed at impressing young, unsuspecting doctors who enter the medical profession. The GMOA is not a trade union that serves the profession or the patients but a political outfit that promotes hatred and conflicts,” Minister Senaratne charged.   

It was extremely difficult to take action against members of the GMOA who have been charged for medical negligence including raping patients. If and when they feel an incident in the Health Ministry, a hospital or a medical institution affects their dictatorial influence on the state health sector they behave like a gang of thugs and never hesitate to take the law into their own hands.   

Minister Senaratne pointed out that the GMOA commits all these malicious and venomous acts with the aim of bringing its President to Parliament through the  national list of the Sri Lanka Podujana Peramuna (SLPP) at the next general election.   

‘The Sri Lanka Medical Council (SLMC), the regulator of the medical profession, was run in the past like a monopoly of the GMOA and promoted its agenda. I have decided to change the composition of the GMOA to put an end to the GMOA’s monopoly on it and set up an SLMC with the policies and principles similar to the British Medical Council. A committee of eminent persons has been appointed to make recommendations to the new SLMC in this regard,” Minister Senaratne stressed.   

“I have been commended, praised and given awards not by Sri Lanka or the Sri Lankan media but by global agencies like the World Bank, World Health Organization (WHO) and many countries for what I have done for free health services in Sri Lanka. I have brought down the prices of nearly 75 essential drugs, thereby reducing the monthly medical bill of millions of diabetic, heart, arthritis, asthma and kidney patients in this country.