Dengue prevention programme in Dehiwela-Mount Lavinia MC area Health officials clamp down on hazardous surroundings

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By H.M. Dharmapala and Kusal Chamath   

Health Authorities in the Dehiwala-Mount Lavinia Municipal Council that carried out a crash programme to prevent the spread of Dengue fever inspected more than 2000 premises in the Ratmalana area and issued red notices on 20 premises where mosquito breeding grounds were found and severely warned the owners. Legal action was filed against another individual who had ignored the previous warnings and allowed mosquito breeding grounds in his home garden.  

The programme had been launched under the supervision of the Presidential Task Force and on the instructions of Dehiwala-Mount Lavinia Mayor Nawalage Stanley Dias.  

The officials inspected residential houses, private institutions, construction sites, places of religious worship and government institutions. During the inspection the officials warned the owners of about 568 premises for haphazard removal of garbage and waste water creating a health hazard.   

In addition to the inspection, a public awareness campaign was launched in the area instructing on the dengue prevention crash programme. The people were requested to handover all solid waste in their premises to the tractors that would call over at the door step to collect them. A gang of municipal employees called over at houses and removed to the Karadiyana garbage recycling plant, tractor loads of solid waste including coconut shells, plastic ware, discarded vehicle tyres, yoghurt cups, polythene, curd pots, and aluminum vessels, and debris of demolished buildings to keep the area clean and tidy.   

Meanwhile a group of officials met the people at the door step to create awareness on the possible danger of the Dengue epidemic in view of the prevailing intermittent rain and delivered leaflets carrying instructions on preventive measures.  

Chief Medical Officer Of Health Dr. Indika Ellawala, Administrative PHI, H.L.W. Perera and area PHIs J.PJ.I. Nuwan Madura, D.G.S.M. Kumaratunga, more than 100 municipal employees and 40 police and air force personnel participated.