Ja-ela Reserve Canal reservation being damaged by unauthorised constructions

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Text & Pics By P.H.P. Perera   

It was disclosed at the monthly Committee Meeting of the Ja-Ela Urban Council that some buildings have been constructed illegally in the Ja-Ela Reserve.   

The stall near the Ja-Ela Police Station has been constructed illegally and attention was drawn to the Urban Council (UC) by UC Member K.R. Senanayaka about this construction.   
He requested the Chairman to disclose the details and the owner of the stall. Electricity has also been obtained for this illegal construction.   

The Ja-ela UC Chairman  Dhammika Dias disclosed that this stall has been constructed illegally and said that the owner of this stall is Thushara Indika. He further disclosed that the owner of the stall has complained and spoken of the issue with the Road Development Authority, the Department of Agrarian Services and Ja-Ela Division Secretariat.   

Residents of the area said there are many such constructions damaging the canal reservation, including this particular construction.