Wanathawilluwa discovery: Four arrested with explosives, detonators

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By Darshana Sanjeewa and Hiran Priyankara   

Four men were arrested by the CID for being in possession of nearly 100 kilogrammes of explosives and 100 detonators during a raid conducted at Lacktowatta in Wanathawilluwa, Puttalam.  


Police said the explosives, detonators and several other equipment used to produce bombs, which were buried, were recovered from a land on Wednesday (16). The explosives had been stored in three barrels.  The CID also recovered 20 litres of nitrate acid, wire cords, a stock of bulbs, two fire arms, a stock of ammunition, a computer, a camera and a stock of dry food from the site.   

Sources said a group of CID officers conducting an investigation into an incident where several Buddha statues were vandalized in the Mawanella area last month, had left for Wanathawilluwa on Wednesday, hoping to arrest a suspect wanted in relation to the incident.  Although they came up blank with this attempt they stumbled onto a new incident where the four suspects were planning an operation which could have wreaked havoc in the near future had they not detected the explosives and arrested the suspects.  The CID sought STF assistance to secure the location until the investigations were concluded yesterday (17).   Police dogs ‘Rinna’ and ‘Lassy’ were also brought to the location for in order to search the area further in case more arms had been hidden in the area.   Police said an official from the Government Analysts Department had been called in to examine the explosives while further investigations were being conducted by the CID to determine the reason the explosives and other equipment were being hidden on that land.