Change uni curriculum To produce industry-related manpower

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Untitled-4By Yohan Perera and Prince Rathanayake   

Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe said yesterday he would advise Higher Education and Southern Region Development Minister Rauff Hakeem to discuss with China Harbour and China Merchant Companies on changing the university curriculum to produce manpower needed for the industries coming up in areas such as Hambantota.

 Prime Minister said this during the inauguration of a new medical faculty at the Sabaragamuwa University last morning.  

“The Hambantota Port which was a white elephant is being turned into a viable project with at least a hundred factories coming up. Universities should focus on these developments,” the Prime Minister said. “ It is time we focus on investing in higher education and health to introduce new technology and produce a suitable task force to handle new technology.”  

He said we had spent billions of rupees for the Defence Headquarters in Akuregoda and on purchasing unwanted aircraft for Srilankan Airlines.  

The Prime Minister said the real meaning of socialism is allowing people to climb up the social ladder and that the country’s education and health sectors should be effective to pave the way for the people to do so.  “This is what we have done. We have not beaten drums but have done our work. However some are accusing us of trying to slash allocations for health and education. We have spent more than Rs.600 billion for health during the past few years. Is this slashing of funds,” he asked. 

“We have managed to settle the loan obtained to construct Hambantota Port and we will likewise try to reduce the debts with regard to Mattala Airport with the help of Indian Aviation Authority.”  

Health Minister Rajitha Senaratne said 7,000 new doctors will pass out through the new medical faculties in Sabaragamuwa and the other new ones that will be set up in the North-Western Province, Moratuwa and Kalutara. He said nurses will be trained to obtain employment in countries such as Britain.  “We have done much in the health sector and will do more” he said. He added that many people in the present government cannot communicate effectively to educate the people on the work they have done.   Higher Education Minister Rauff Hakeem also expressed similar sentiments and said he had got the opportunity to finish the work started by his predecessors who held this portfolio. 



The Hambantota Port which was a white elephant is being turned into a  viable project with at least hundred factories coming up. Universities  should focus on these developments