Thoughtful Gesture

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DMBAnnually, my friend Prithi throws a big bash for over a hundred people at her home. One would wonder what is so exceptional about that.  The party is thrown to honour all of those who allow us to carry on with our daily lives with no hindrance, such as the garbage collectors, road sweepers, postmen etc.  In fact, the labour force around us that provides a service to a household. All these people and their spouses are invited for this party where they are all given a fabulous afternoon. 

Lou Ching and I had a programme that morning, so we walked in rather late to the rhythms of some great baila music played by a DJ.  It was at the tail end of the baila competition. What fun the guests were having and the final five were picked and prizes given to them, with the winner dancing a solo cheered on by the guests.

Lunch was served after.  It was a delicious spread of rice and curry, most of it cooked at home.  The dancing continued after, ending at around four in the evening when all her invitees accepted their gifts and took off merrily home.
Many would say that they do all sorts of kind things to the less fortunate, which of course is excellent.  We all try to uplift people who are less fortunate than us but how many of us would invite them to our own homes and throw a huge party in their honour?

I am always happy to attend this annual event and chat with some of the guests who are so humble and nice and who never forget to greet you warmly when they spot you on the road or elsewhere.  

Going out of her way to throw this annual party is such a great gesture, especially when most of the guests’ jobs are to clear the garbage from parties they could never dream of attending.  This way, they get the benefit of having a super time for a day, which is memorable, till the next year’s party.

A great salute to you Prithi and the rest who partake in this celebration.