Dumping of garbage into Weras Ganga Residents hold

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unscrupulous elements responsible for this






Text & Pics By Tharangani Fonseka   

Well dressed ladies and gentlemen are in the habit of bringing their garbage in vehicles and dumping them into the Weras Ganga discreetly in the night, charged the residents who live near the bridge. They said further that if the environmental police are vigilant they could apprehend these ladies and gentlemen at ease. 

The residents also said that vehicles travelling from Panadura to Colombo transport garbage as well and approaching the bridge they throw bags containing this garbage into the river below, which are at times found strewn on the bridge. With garbage being thrown into the river its water gets polluted, and it seriously affects the fish resources.   

Meanwhile the Moratuwa Municipal Council disclaims its ownership of the bridge, and the Panadura Pradeshiya Sabha keeps mum on this issue. Therefore the residents wonder about the controlling authority of this bridge. When this matter was posed to the Mayor of Moratuwa Samanlal Fernando, he said that removal of garbage from the Digarolla Bridge was not coming under their purview. He refuted claims of garbage being thrown over the bridge by Moratuwa residents and said this was done by those travelling to Colombo from Panadura.   

The Mayor also reiterated that while there is a proper plan for the disposal of garbage in Moratuwa, Panadura Pradeshiya Sabha had been unsuccessful in implementing such a system in their area of jurisdiction and therefore the residents having no other alternative, keep throwing them over the Moratuwa Bridge.   

In reply to our query, the Chairman of the Panadura Pradeshiya Sabha Hemantha Fernando who pretended ignorant of  littering of the bridge, assured that speedy action would be taken to remove the garbage that had been strewn on the Moratuwa Bridge.