Damaging Buddha statues: Father of the two accused arrested

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By Srinath Prasanna Jayasuriya  

The Crime Investigation Units of the Mawanella and Kegalle Police who conducted a search of the house of the father of the two brothers, who are alleged to have been involved in the destruction of Buddha Statues in Mawanella and other areas, had launched an operation to arrest them, had found several items hidden inside the house,


This two storey house is located in Lindula area in Mawanella. The father of the two brothers Rashid Mohamed Ibrahim (50) was taken into custody for keeping the items in hiding at his house.

Among the discovered items were a parcel containing explosives still not identified, two Motorola communication sets,  Heavy Meta Hammer, a sickle knife, an Air Rifle and 03 tins containing Pellets, two black Masks, three pairs of Gloves, a set of screw drivers, 340 CDs, two laptops, two latest advanced phones, five Pen Drives and a Video Camera. In addition a list containing thirteen names had also been found. The police raiding units had conducted the search on Monday night after obtaining a search warrant.  Police said that at the time of the search there had been no one present in the house. The police had found a Video camera fixed inside one of the rooms in the upper floor. The CDs, Computers and Pen Drives are to be subjected to further Investigations to identify their contents.   

The names of the seven persons who were taken into custody by the police for alleged damaged caused to the Buddha statues were among the names found in the list. With the arrest of these seven suspects the two brothers who have led this attack on the statues had fled from the area together with their family members.  

The police who had located later the father of the two brothers in Nawalapitiya after summoning him to the Mawanella Police to record a statement had later taken him into custody. The police had been informed that the two brothers belong to an extremist religious group.  

 Following in their search operations the police were informed of a secret location of the two brothers in a coconut estate in Wanathavilluwa. When the police raided a house in this estate they had found 100 kilos of High Powered Explosives and a stock of about 700 Detonators and other equipment. Police has also taken into custody four persons who were in the house at that time.  

Further investigations are continuing under the direction of the SSP of Sabaragamuwa and Southern Province Ravi Wijegunawardene.