Diane Warren receives her 10th Oscar nomination

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Life-1-3Diane Warren has just received her 10th Oscar nomination. The veteran songwriter was acknowledged for her work on the single I’ll Fight from the Ruth Bader Ginsburg documentary RBG, which also earned a nomination for best documentary feature. The song is performed by Oscar-winner Jennifer Hudson.

Warren joked about being up for her 10th Oscar without ever winning. 'I’m now in the double digits,' she said on Tuesday. 

She added, 'I’m not jaded at all. I need some coffee though because I’m sleep deprived. 

I was anxious so I was up and my friends came over and we basically had an all-night party waiting for the nominations.' 

Her previous nominations include 1988's Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now, 1997's Because You Loved Me, 1998's How Do I Live?, 1999's I Don't Want To Miss A Thing, 2000's Music Of My Heart, 2002's There You'll Be, 2015's Grateful, 2016's Till It Happens To You and 2018's Stand Up For Something. 

When Gaga sang her song Till It Happens To You at the Oscars in 2016, it was thought Warren might take home the gold, but she did not.



'I’m not jaded at all. I need some coffee though because I’m sleep deprived'.