Hunupitiya public market building, a futile project

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Text & Pics By Sarath Chinthaka   

The public market established in the recently constructed two storied complex in Hunupitiya has become a futile project implemented by the Kelaniya Pradeshiya Sabha.  

This building complex was opened on 09 May 2015 by Parliamentarian Prasanna Ranathunge when he was the Western Province Chief Minister and the present Gampaha Dstrict Parliamentarian Prasanna Ranathunga was the Chairman of the Kelaniya Pradeshiya Sabha.   

This two storeyed market building consists of 12 stalls on the upper floor and 04stalls in the ground floor but only 06stalls on the upper floor are seemed functioning while all other stalls both on the upper and ground floor remain closed.   

The location of the market being at a considerable distance from the main road, people’s access to this place has become convenient for them and they visit the temporary stalls erected between old and new Hunupitiya roads to buy their daily needs. However use of this area as a market place is causing a major obstacle to the traffic at the Jayanthi Mahal Junction in Hunupitiya. Traders in this marketing area are experiencing many inconveniences due to lack of proper water and toilet facilities.   

Meanwhile the vacant stalls of the newly built market building have become dens for drug addicts.   

When inquired about the vacant market building, the Chairman of the Kelaniya Pradeshiya Sabha Shanthi Kumudini said a new market place will be built close to the main road under the Pura Neguma Programme, since the existing market building complex has become an unsuccessful project.   



The vacant stalls of the newly built market building have become dens for drug addicts