Vandalism in trains operating along the coastal belt

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Text & Pics by Reka Tharangani   

Trains operating along the coastal belt of Dehiwela, Mount Lavinia, Angulana and Moratuwa are subjected to the most wear and tear by commuters, General Manager of Railways Dilantha Fernando said.   
Fernando went on to say that stations along the belt reported the highest number of cables being stolen for resale, often by drug addicts looking to make a quick buck, as well as damage to railway property such as the destruction and damage of washrooms.  

The most damage was reported from railway stations from Mount Lavinia to Moratuwa, he stated.  

“We do not face these issues on trains that travel outstation. This is a phenomenon that we have only witnessed in short distance trains. Most often when there are no commuters the trains are filled with drug addicts who travel short distances and often destroy public property.”   

A number of suspects have been arrested by the police and have been produced before the relevant courts.   

“Officers in civilian clothing have been appointed to protect the railway lines as a counter measure and we would like to state that strict legal action will be taken against those who destroy or damage railway property,” he concluded.