Moratuwa Municipality is barraged with issues

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CITY-DM-4-12The Councillors of  Moratuwa Municipal Council came up with issues at the recently held Council meeting that were ignored by respective officials or establishments without stipulating deadlines or proper supervision.

Councillors spoke on several issues including the slow construction pace of walking path and wellness centre at the Soysapura ground, a roaming crocodile and the closure of the Angulana Podujaya school.  Following are some excerpts from the municipal council meeting held earlier this month.   

A crocodile terrorizing residents was also brought to the notice of the council. Councillor Ravindra Fernando (SLFP) speaking of the issue said that municipality officials should ensure that no human life is lost by collaborating with Wildlife officials.   

It is interesting to note that the Daily Mirror has on numerous occasions highlighted the plague of residents living close to canals and lakes who have been plagued by crocodiles who feast on the garbage dumped by passers-by.   
JVP Councillor Sudesh Indrajith (JVP) requested for the construction of the wellness centre and the walking path at the Soysapura Grounds, coming under the purview of the municipality be completed this year.   

“This has been going on for quite some time and I hope that we can finally complete constructing them this year,” he said.   

Meanwhile, Councillor Ms. Nalini Ferenando (UPFA) speaking of Angulana Podujaya College said the school was on the verge of closure as there were only four classes conducted at the premises.   

“The principal has not taken any measures to develop the school. Parents are complaining that without a school in the area, children were more prone to abusing drugs as many families in this area are low income families and don’t have the means to educate their children anywhere else,” she said.