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Lily Collins


Debut! Extremely Wiched Shockingly Evil and Vile premiered at Sundance over the weekend


Life-1-16Lily Collins did not have an easy time preparing for her role in the new Ted Bundy biopic. The 29-year-old opened up about the terrifying month leading up to filming when she was ‘taunted’ by creepy visions every night. 
Collins and her castmates, including Zac Efron who plays Bundy, sat down for an interview at Variety Studio in Sundance on Tuesday. 

The film, Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile, debuted over the weekend at The Sundance Film Festival.  

‘When I first read the script and realised that the story had so much to do with Elizabeth, his love interest in the film and also partner in life, I was so interested to get behind somebody who was silenced for so long and to be able to tell a story from her perspective and give a voice,’ Lily told Variety. 

Extremely Wicked is told through the eyes of the madman’s girlfriend Elizabeth Kloepfer, played by Collins, testified on his behalf at trial.She was so enamoured with the serial killer that she even said ‘yes’ when he proposed to her during that time.Lily said that before filming she went to meet with Elizabeth and her daughter and  ‘got to talk to her and see photo albums and handwritten love letters [from Bundy].’ The actress explained that she avoided looking at case photos of Bundy’s brutal murders since she was playing his love interest who didn’t believe he was guilty. Lily wanted to ‘experience what that felt like’ to be in Elizabeth’s shoes and she spent time reading ‘beautifully written love notes’ from the killer.  

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