Niroshan rejects allegations

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LATE-CITY-DM-1-13By Sheain Fernandopulle   

UPFA MP Niroshan Premaratne yesterday rejected allegations levelled against him relating to his links with Makandure Madush and reports of financial assistance from him.  


He made these remarks at a news briefing held at the National Freedom Front (NFF) Head Office.   

“Several parliamentarians are making false allegations that I have obtained a loan worth Rs. 80 million and further question how could I manage to obtain such a loan,” the MP said.   

“In the first place, I would like to say that I have not obtained a loan worth Rs. 80 million but did obtain a loan worth Rs. 30 million,” the MP added.   He affirmed that he had not obtained a rupee from anybody even from Makandure Madush as circulating in the social media and remarks made by MPs. It was my friend named Sangeeth who helped me in obtaining this loan.