Palatial house belonging to Kanjipani Imran located in Maligawatte

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By Sujith Hewajulige   

The Police special task force said that they had identified a five-storeyed building in Maligawatte, Colombo 10 belonging to Kanjipani Imran who was arrested along with Makandure Madush, the underworld leader who was arrested by the Dubai police recently.   

A top ranking official of the Police Special Task Force said that this building was due to be opened in the near future. Police investigations had found that this building had been constructed by a person named Azwar who was an accomplice of Kanjipani Imran who was understood to have sent the finances needed for the job.   

Azwer had been arrested several days ago by the Police special task force while he was travelling in a super-luxury motor vehicle. The special task force said that the whereabouts of this building that belonged to Imran had been obtained after questioning Azwer who was scheduled to go to Dubai with Kanjipani but had been forced to stay back for reasons unknown. They said they were attempting to locate other buildings and properties that belong to the wanted criminal Imran, now in the custody of the Dubai police.   

The police special task force and anti-terrorist squad are looking into properties owned by members of the underworld.