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Occasionally there are good female characters in Sinhala movies but they generally end up as boring, dull options, largely due to weak screenplays which have no scope for playing from the actresses’ point of view. It is in this backdrop that sparkling actress Semini Iddamalgoda comes up with a superlative performance playing Kumari in Sanath Gunathilake’s newest directorial venture 'Sinahawa Atharin' that’s produced by seasoned campaigner Sunil T. Fernando who holds the record of producing the most number of Sinhala films.


"Award winning Sanath Gunathilake’s acting skills need no elaboration. But direction demands a totally different set of skills. "



Semini performs a one-woman show in 'Sinahawa Atharin' and many analysts see it as her best performance in her career which will hopefully not go unnoticed.

Award winning Sanath Gunathilake’s acting skills need no elaboration. But direction demands a totally different set of skills. Sanath who made an impressive debut as a director with 'Ekamath Eka Rateka' a few years ago, has gone a step further with 'Sinahawa Atharin', proving that acting and directing are two sides of the same coin for him. In an era when most films made today are simply like packets of prawn crackers  looking full and ready to burst, but eventually nothing to chew as you rip it open, 'Sinahawa Atharin' comes as a delicious treat rewinding to romance.

In today's context when people think that love and romance is associated with fb, sms or other technological innovations, this film based on a true story by Chaminda Perera depicts the deep and real meaning of love through the story of Wimal, Kumari
and Richard.

The film's trailer itself suggested that there could be a Wimal, Kumari or Richard in you since its closer to our normal lives.  Most of those who watched the movie might have found bits and pieces of their lives too in 'Sinahawa Atharin' because Sanath has skillfully used the language of cinema to explore the real meaning of love and romance.

Sanath has attempted a more mature representation of adults and relationships leaving some room for at least a small faction to wonder if it was indirectly promoting licence to infidelity.

The literally accidental meeting of Wimal and Kumari sets the stage for the thick drama when an ambitious husband (Richard) is being told by his wife Kumari that she had slept with her secret lover. The situation erupts to incredible  levels when he comes to know that his wife is bearing the child of her lover.

Can the urge for love and romance stop with the signing on the dotted lines? Haven’t married people longed for romance or fallen for some person instantly?  Maybe it’s not in our lives or our culture but the reality is that it’s there in our dreams or secret yearnings.
Sanath has done remarkably well by writing the screenplay and creating this sensational vision on the big canvas. The visuals and the music scores by debutant music director Nirosha Virajini are simply stunning, compelling people to fall in love with the movie instantly.
There may be various definitions for love and romance in whatever language you express it.

But as you take a closer and realistic look at the complexity of relationships triggered by love, you will realize that to live or to love is to suffer because attachments are ultimately accompanied by pain and disappointment.  “Suffering” in Buddhism refers not only to physical pain, aging, sickness and death or to emotional pain like fear, loss, jealousy, disappointment, and unrequited love, but also to the existential sense that, somehow, deep down, life is permanently out of joint. Everything is touched by the shadow of dissatisfaction, imperfection, disappointment.

This is the core message that Sanath conveys to the intelligent audiences in this country and this movie will certainly be one of the most-discussed films of the year. Though the box office fate of such films is so tricky to predict, it will certainly join the elite list of at least the best 25 Sinhala movies made in this country.  
text  Ramesh Uvais