Rampant increase in Dengue patients in Maharagama area

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By Muditha Dayananda   
A three day dengue eradication programme has been organized by the Maharagama Medical Health Office following the diagnosis of 154 dengue patients in the area.   

The first stage of the programme commenced yesterday (18) in the Pannipitiya South Grama Niladari Division, where 21 dengue patients were reported during the first two weeks of January.   

This programme which is being carried out in collaboration with the Maharagama Medical Health Office, Divisional Secretariat, Urban Council and the Police, will be held today (19) in the Kottawa South Grama Niladari Divsion and in the Nawinna Grama Niladari Division, tomorrow.   

Fumigations, house inspections, collection of non-decaying matter such as polythene and plastics, are the activities included in the programme.   

At the inauguration of the programme, the Maharagama Chief Medical Health Officer said that during the last year 1,300 dengue patients were reported with three deaths being reported within the Maharagama division. In the first week of January this year, the number of dengue patients detected is 61 and another 93 patients were reported during the second week, ending on 11th. January.   

The highest number of dengue patients is reported from the Pannipitiya PHI division. 31 patients were detected in this area, out of which 21 are from Pannipitiya South.   

He also identified Kottawa, the Maharagama Town area and Malapalla, as vulnerable areas for dengue.   

29 dengue patients from Kottawa, 21 from from Nawinna , and 15 patients each from the Maharagama Town area and Mapallagama have also been found he said.   

PHIs and Family Heath Officers attached to the Maharagama Medical Health Division, Police officers from Maharagama, Kottawa, Homagama, the Dengue Eradication Unit of Maharagama Urban Council and Grama Niladari officers of the area, are also participating in the programme.