Kesbewa UC captures ‘cows on rampage’

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Text & Pics by Dayarathna Pathirana   
Officers of the Kesbewa Urban Council invited several veterinary surgeons, the police, environmental police and respected monks as witnesses, to capture several freely roaming cattle in the area.   

Falling in line with the Megapolis Ministry directive to capture roaming cattle in the urban area, the Kesbewa Urban Council captured a herd of ten cattle which were handed over to a safe house in the area.   

Officials said the herd had been a nuisance to motorists and pedestrians as they roamed the Piliyandala town freely.   

Officials of the Health Department had attempted to capture these animals on numerous occasions but were threatened by the owners of the cattle who released the herd. The Department did however lodge a complaint with the police regarding the incident.   

Officials took measures to invite respected monks in the area to ensure the activity was not termed as “inhumane” towards the animals and also ensured the police and the environmental police who were present, to provide protection.   

Officials said they had to tranquilize the animals, as it would have been impossible to herd them to one location individually. Vets from the Zoo were present at the time.   

The cattle were captured by the Public Health Inspectors Ajith Karunaratne, Maldeva Perera and Mahesh Buddika under the directions of the Urban Council Secretary Ms Tharanga Gamlath. Numerous other organizations including the police, also lent a hand to capture the cattle.   

The Megapolis and Western Development Ministry recently issued a directive to all cattle owners in the Western Province to ensure their herds did not roam around freely in suburban and urban areas, as they were a danger to motorists and pedestrians. 

The Ministry stated that cattle found roaming freely would be captured and raised in safe houses.