Wattala residents appeal for new garbage dump

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Text & Pics By Sarath Chinthaka   
The absence of an area to dump garbage collected by the Wattala Pradeshiya Sabha is creating several issues.   

The earlier dump is now full to the brim and an alternative place being unavailable is the main reason for the non-clearance of garbage. The local council has taken steps to hand over food waste to the garbage recycling plant in Dickowita and plastic bottles to the Holcim Company. The owner of a bare land in Palliyawatte had agreed to allow the dumping of garbage collected onto this land. Permission was sought from the Central Environment Authority and Land Reclamation Board but with the objections of the residents, this proposal is being delayed as stated by the Secretary of the Pradeshiya Sabha and the law enforcement officer Ms. K.H.S Iranganie.   

Meanwhile, residents keep dumping garbage on the main road and in nearby canals, thereby creating a grave health hazard. Many of these people are also those who object to the dumping of garbage at a common place. The residents made an earnest appeal to the President, drawing his immediate attention as the Minister of Environment, to present a solution for this problem soon.