STF seizes 90kg of intoxicating Mawa dust in Wellawatta

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LATE-CITY-DM-1-40By Kurulu Koojana Kariyakarawana 

A Police Special Task Force (STF) unit from its headquarters seized a stock of intoxicating tobacco dust going by the name ‘Mawa’ weighing over 90 kilos from a house in Wellawatta on Saturday evening.  


The STF sleuths, investigated a secret spot near a leading Hindu Kovil in Wellawatta and seized the stock of intoxicating tobacco dust which is known to be a favourite of bus and trishaw drivers. 

A senior officer at the unit told the Daily Mirror that amongst the items seized during the raid were 70 tins of Mawa dust whilst some chewing tobacco and a gramme of heroin was also found on the person who was in charge at the time of the bust. He was taken into custody upon questioning the STF were able to trace the whereabouts of the supplier of the narcotics.   

The stock of Mawa was believed to have been smuggled into the country from a South Indian location.   

Mawa is a mixture of ground tobacco and areca nut which is usually consumed with slaked lime and in some instances ground Ganja leaves are added for more potency, the source said.  This drug is a favourite among bus drivers plying long distance routes while teenage schoolchildren who use it to get high are also targeted by ruthless drug traffickers.   

The two suspects along with the stock of narcotics had been handed over to the Police Narcotics Bureau for further investigations. The suspects were to be produced in courts.   

The detection was carried out on the instructions of STF Commandant Senior DIG M. R. Latiff.