Panadura old bus terminal on the verge of collapse

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Text & Pics By Muditha Dayananda   

It is now past six months since opening the new bus stand in Panadura, but however the authorities have failed to demolish the old bus stand which is now in a state of collapse. The residents fear that a sudden collapse of this dilapidated bus stand might cause loss of lives.   

The old bus terminal became neglected and lacked proper maintenance for the past eight years. The concrete columns that bore the weight of the structure began aligning some years back, and the situation worsened with the strong winds having an impact on these columns. In case of a sudden vibration the roof of this bus stand is sure to collapse causing much damage.   

Having considered the state of this bus stand a new bus stand was constructed with the funds allocated by the Western Province Road Transport Authority and with the intervention of the Urban Development Authority. Having completed this project its first stage and the second stage were vested with the public some time ago.   

With the opening of the new bus stand several buses commence their journeys from there, but however all SLTB buses plying from Panadura to Horana, Bandaragama, and Panadura –Colombo, and buses to Indigahathotupola, Kiriberiya, Nivdawa, Hirana, Maha Vila and long distance buses to Mahiyangana, Embilipitiya, and Ampara commence their journeys still from the old bus stand. Therefore in the event of a collapse of the old bus stand it would cause severe damages to many lives and property. There had been much hype about interconnecting these two bus stands made by the Passenger Transport Authority but no action had been taken in this regard, commuters charged.   

The commuters claim that steps should have been taken many years ago to use the new bus stand for the commencement of all buses on the routes covered by the Panadura bus stand, but the lackadaisical attitude of the authorities is delaying the necessary action by the authorities concerned. Meanwhile the commuters live in fear that a catastrophe might strike any moment causing severe damage to the lives of many innocents.